AT&T’s likely Android device: HTC Lancaster

AT&TAccording to Engadget reports, AT&T would likely be the second US carrier to exalt Google with an Android device. AT&T's proposed HTC Lancaster would be a device quite similar to its Touch Pro2 offering, with somewhat 'standard' specs but with more rounded corners and a large trackball or directional pad on the front.

As per the Engadget, the 109x54x17mm AT&T Lancaster would have a trivial 320x240 screen, as compared to the G1, iPhone and the Pre. It would have a standard-speed ARM 11 processor, along with a 3 megapixels camera. The AT&T's Android model would be largely limited to North America, with dual-band 3G and only tri-band GSM/EDGE radios.

Though there is no confirmation about the tilt feature to be carried on the Lancaster, the device would be able to slide to show a sizeable keyboard in landscape orientation. Instead of carrying a number pad, Lancaster would have built-in number configuration on the keyboard, which would be accessible by means of a function or secondary key.

Engadget notes that with AT&T's assertion on branding the device with its own user interface, Lancaster would have AT&T's own features on top of the OS, thereby implying that users would have to pay "extra money for things like streaming video, Maps and other stuff that they can otherwise get free on the Internet."