Asus to get over with its 8.9” Eee Pcs

Asus to get over with its 8.9” Eee Pcs It has come to vision that Asus is mulling over to stop the production of its 8.9" Eee PCs by the end of this year as users prefer 10" models over 8.9" model. We saw the launch of Eee PC in late 2007 by Asus, the credit of its success in terms of unit sales and revenue largely goes to the commencement of the Netbook series.

Benson Lin, the president of Asustek's Asia-Pacific Division reported, "The Eee PC has drawn much attention due to its compact size, lightweight design and long battery life. Asus credits the Eee PC with a significant market share percentage of its notebook sales. A recent spawn of the Eee PC concept, the Eee Top Kitchen PC, may also be of interest."

Overall, it can be concluded that sufficient power is provided for most traditional applications by the Eee design, which is that of a thin and light form factor device. However, many still hold a viewpoint that it lacks the high-end performance necessary be considered a true notebook replacement (at least in terms of computing abilities).

Much of the present CPU load required for graphics and streaming video could be offloaded to the GPU with the continued progress of graphics card acceleration, thus permitting perfect operations on most web-based workloads.

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