Arkansas Television Anchor found suffering from life-threatening injuries

Anne Pressly, a popular TV anchorwoman who also has a small had a role in Bush”W”, was found injured in her home.

Anne was in critical condition when she was found at 4.30 am on Monday.  Pressly’s mother discovered her in the horrific state. When Pressly did not answer her mother’s wake up call, she went to the anchorwoman’s house, much to her horror.

Little Rock police spokeswoman Sgt. Cassandra Davis said investigators are questioning Pressly's co-workers to come to a conclusion if she "has had any problems." He elaborated that since Pressly’s purse was missing, robbery could not be ruled out as the major motive. However, he refused to delve into the details of the matter.

"We do believe she was beaten," the Sgt. disclosed to She said the injuries were to the upper body and included stab wounds.

"It’s not a neighborhood known for any violent crime," Davis said.

Pressly's dogs, which were also missing, have been found.

"We would ask that you keep Anne in your thoughts and, especially, in your prayers," said Pederson, the anchor during a newscast.