Are you voting today?

MaharashtraToday the elections are been held in Mumbai. Let’s find out from some of the tele-stars whether they are casting their vote and how much importance do they give to voting.

Smita bansal: Unfortunately I am not voting and it’s because I haven’t got my voter’s id done. I have my ration card and I also registered myself in Jagore. com but I don’t know it’s still not been made. I really feel that the government should bring a change and let us all vote through our other valid id proofs too, like passport, pan card and driving license. I feel that everyone should get a chance to vote and those who have their voter id must go to vote; especially the youngsters should vote and bring a change in the society because they are the future of the nation.

Ali merchant: Yes, I am definitely going to vote. I would like to tell each and every one that don’t be lazy bump as it will hardly take five minutes, so please come out and cast your vote. It will only make your life easier for the next five years and nobody else’s life. Your one vote can make a difference so step out and vote. I would like to tell the readers that “Vote Karo Responsible Bano.”

Parakh madan: I wouldn’t be able to vote because I am out of station due to my work commitments. But I would like to tell the readers that it is very important to vote as your voting decides your future. Please vote because every single vote counts.

Sriti jha: I am ashamed to say that but I am not voting tomorrow. Its because I haven’t got my voter’s id no. which I changed from Delhi and so I can’t vote here in Mumbai. I also registered myself on jagore .com but it’s still not done. I think it’s all my mistake. I should have worked harder and should have got it done. I feel really proud for them who will go out and vote and I will also make sure that I get my voter id and vote next time. I would like to tell each one, especially we the youths because we are the future of our country that please do vote. It’s our fundamental duty.

Amrapali: I am not voting because I am shooting tomorrow. Anyways even I don’ t have my voter id. But I would like to tell the readers that don’t take it as a holiday and step out of your house for the betterment of the country and please do vote and bring a difference

Rachna: I am not voting because I haven’t got my voter id but those who have got their ids, I would like to tell them that please go out and vote, be sincere and responsible citizen because you have been given a chance to prove your own self through your own vote. It’s your power, duty and right do use it.

Amit verma: I am not voting because I haven’t got my voter id yet. I have two perspectives that either vote for the bad or even worse will come into power because I feel nobody is a good leader and uncorrupted leader in our country. I am actually not the one who will force people to go out and vote but I would tell them that vote because it’s important and it’s your responsibility and at least through your one vote you can decide that whom you don’t want to come into power.- Sampurn Media

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