APW President Systems ties up with Global DataCenter

Tuesday saw a strategic partnership between APW President Systems and London-based Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) at DataCenter 2008, to distribute nlyte solution across India.

APW is the provider of data centre infrastructure whereas GDCM provides data centre management solutions.

The solution nlyte would aim at helping organizations achieve a complete view of their data centres. It will help these organizations to manage power consumption, reduce green house emissions and increase the lifetime of assets.

“We see our partnership with GDCM as an opportunity to offer our customers the next generation of data centre management systems to take their planning and green IT strategies to the next level. As an established leader in the data centre infrastructure management space, APW President Systems has been innovating for over 26 years to help customers in planning and maintaining high energy efficiency levels, optimising space for their equipment, and monitoring and supporting them in managing their data centre assets,” said Pramod Agashe, Chief Operating Officer, APW President Systems.

 Being the only data centre management tool to provide an intelligent and automated view of all physical and virtual assets and virtual workgroups within the data centre, nlyte will be of great advantage. nlyte would do all this using a web-based graphical user interface.

The tool would also help the companies to model and manage their hardware, capacity, power and cooling, networking and space, reduce redundancy, enhance optimization and pro-actively forecast and plan the deployment of their assets.  

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