Apple wants to fix iPhone’s design flaw

Apple is looking forward to fix the iPhone's biggest design niggle and the company will deal with the issue in its future handsets.

The issue that the company wants to fix is the phone's antenna, which is located at the back of the plastic strip coating, along the top and bottom of the phone's rear. As a result of the plastic, radio waves enter the chassis.

And because of the same plastic coating, the antenna does not appear eye-pleasing, when it is set against the phone's aluminum casing. And now Apple has filed a patent application for a new composite metal material that appears similar to anodized metal, however allows the transfer of radio waves.

According to iClarified, the patent is not just about the iPhone, it also refers to the technology that is being used in other devices. The MacBook's touchpad is an example that presently appears somewhat different to the rest of chassis of the notebook.

Apple accepts that an eye-catching antenna is not an ideal design for its sophisticated device aesthetics.

Apple stated in a patent that one design challenge linked to computing devices is maintaining a sleek and consistent look of a metallic outer enclosure for putting the various complex internal components.

According to the company, "Unfortunately, plastic surfaces and glass surfaces have different visual qualities than metallic surfaces, which result in a visible break in the metallic surface of the housing. This visible break can detract from the smooth and continuous look of the metal housing".