Apple likely to come up with fuel cell that could power a MacBook for weeks

A patent has been filed by Apple for a new power technology that could possibly be able to keep a MacBook running for weeks without a recharge. The patent is for a fuel cell system, small internal power source that is not going to add weight to the flagship laptop. Referring especially to Apple's MagSafe charger for MacBooks, it might not be used for iPhones or iPads.

Apple has filed a patent for a latest power technology that is likely to keep a MacBook running for weeks without recharging. The patent has been made for a fuel cell system which will be so tiny that it won't add any weight to the flagship laptop. It is referred especially for Apple's MagSafe charger for MacBooks, which shows that it might not work for iPhones or iPads.

As per a report on Wired, the patent has many potential fuel sources which would be mixed with water. According to Apple's patent, borohydride, sodium silicate, lithium hydride, magnesium hydride, a hydrocarbon and compressed or liquid hydrogen and others come in potential fuels.

The working of fuel cells is done by mixing a fuel like hydrogen with oxidizing agent such as water or oxygen. They don't function like batteries because they don't require refueling after running out and can survive for weeks.

Furthermore, the patent has mentioned that the fuel cell system is going to be in the form of a removable cartridge that could be slotted in and would probably work along with a normal battery.

There have been rumors that the tech giant is working with Intelligent Energy to incorporate fuel cell systems into existing and next iPhone models.