Apple heavily reliant on its iPhone

There was a time when Apple was known as Apple Computer Inc. and was famous for the Apple Macintosh. But now things have changed and it’s now a hardcore smartphone company. It is being said that Apple relies heavily on its iPhone.

It does not happen with any other smartphone company that people camp outside their stores the way they do outside Apple stores. They do so just to have the latest iPhones and it happens every time when the company launches the new model. It is something that becomes something of legend.

It has been seen Apple is known for maintaining complete secrecy about its gadgets before launch. It may have to do with the company’s protocol. But the rumors before the launch with regard to new features take excitement to a different level.

Experts said that Apple is coming up with technical upgrades of its models, which means that it have great sales of the model. To cite an example, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have taken Apple’s record sales up. From the first generation of iPhone till date, Apple has sold 772.6 million phones.

It’s been more than seven years that iPhone came into the world. But with every passing year, the models have increased the sales of the company. In the year to June 27, iPhone sales were $US146.5bn, which is 13% of Australia’s GDP. In fact, iPhones sales account for 69% of Apple’s taking.