Apple Collaborates with Postmates to Offer Same-Day Delivery

Just as you cared about getting your favorite Dominos pizza delivered at your doorstep within a stipulated time limit, or your Starbucks coffee to your office, now the Apple Store App guarantees same-day delivery in select locations in the US.

Apple has partnered with Postmates, the logistics company that operates a network of couriers in as many as 20 major US cities. Postmates is closely compared to Uber because of its use of mobile phones to receive orders and dispatch delivery drivers. It relies on mobile phone applications and their Global Positioning System capabilities to quickly match inventories and consumer demand.

This time the new in-app ordering via Apple, is available only to San Francisco Bay Area residents willing to pay an additional fee for receiving their products at the earliest. All that Apple customers will need to do is order items from the closest Apple Store on the Postmates app on their smartphone.

The customer needs to reside in Postmates' serviceable area and order a product available at the nearby Apple store. If both these conditions are met, he will get to see an option that reads, "Delivers Today within x hours", wherein the 'x' can extend from one to four hours. After the customer places the order, he will get notifications containing his package's estimated delivery time and tracking number. He can also directly track his package live on the Apple Store app.

This means that consumers who do not live in an area where Postmates delivers would not be able to have same-day delivery options for Apple products via the app. They will rather have to get products in only standard shipment delivery times with no option for Courier Delivery.

The news was perceived as positive by the market, as Apple Inc. witnessed a surge in its stock prices. The shares ended 1.87 percent higher at $132.04 on Wednesday, from the previous close of $130.36.