Ancient Persian inscription discovered in Iranian island

London, Nov 19 : An old Persian inscription belonging to the Achaemenid Dynasty was unearthed by construction workers in the Kharg Island of Iran.

The Iranian island of Kharg is located in the Persian Gulf and situated at about 30 km northwest of Bandar-e Rig and 52 km northwest of Bušehr. It is the larger and more southerly of two islands (the other being Khârgu).

After the accidental discovery of the ancient inscription by the workers, the construction project was stopped and a team of experts was deployed to the island by the cultural authorities for further research into the finding.

The inscription which is dated by the experts from ICHTTO ( Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization) to 400 BCE (Before the Christian era) is currently being studied and awaiting to be deciphered.

Previously, the archaeological evidence of the occupation on Kharg and the earliest remains recorded are probably two large tombs, known as the Eastern and Southern Tombs which date back to the Parthian dynastic era (248 BCE-224 CE).

It seems with the discovery of this Achaemenid inscription, the history of Kharg Island will have to be rewritten.

The Achaemenid Persian Empire was the first of the Persian Empires to rule over significant portions of Greater Iran and to figure importantly in history—most often as a local superpower, or major regional power. (ANI)