ANC Says That Present Situation Is Not Positive For Elections

It was made known by Jammu and Kashmir Awami National Conference (ANC) that ANC Says That Present Situation Is Not Positive For Elections the present situation in Kashmir was not suitable for elections. 

Mir Mohammad Shafi, the General Secretary of ANC, said, "The current situation in the state is not conducive at all for electoral process and such exercise will have disastrous implications which can engulf the entire country," 

He further said that his party did not favour the polls and instead dialogue should be resumed at every level to move forward with the peace process.

He added, "ANC deems it proper to desist from such exercise (polls) as of now and instead recommends the immediate resumption of dialogue at all levels, paving way for peace process to move forward."

Referring to National Conference, Shafi said, "People showing impatience towards holding of polls and ignoring the ground realities should keep in mind that it is 2008 and not 1996 or 2002.” 

While demanding the resolution of Kashmir as per the United Nations resolutions, Shafi said, "Polls or government formation are mere administrative matters and in no way affect the disputed nature of the issue. The ANC stands firm on the resolutions adopted by the United Nations towards the settlement of the crisis."