Anand Sharma reiterates need for equal rights for Lankan Tamils

Anand Sharma reiterates need for equal rights for Lankan TamilsRajkot, Apr 27: Congress spokesman and Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma on Monday reiterated the need for equal rights for Sri Lankan Tamils, saying that they should be helped with a healing touch from a humanitarian angle.

“There is humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka. It is a worrisome issue about Sri Lankan Tamil citizens. India has clearly said one thing that Tamilians living there ought to get full and equal rights,” Anand Sharma said.

Sharma further said that the Indian Government is giving its full support to the trapped Tamilians.

“One is a humanitarian situation, where Tamil people are trapped in the battle zone. It is necessary to help them. To think of a situation of these trapped Tamilians and the LTTE, as one is a big mistake. One is an organisation that is violent, and other should get help from a humanity aspect,” Sharma added.

As Sharma mentioned, India has sent a total of one hundred thousand family kits to Sri Lanka for the Tamilians presently living in the relief camps.

Last week, India had sent special emissaries to Sri Lanka and urged Colombo to declare a ceasefire in the no battle zone to assure safe passage for the Tamil civilians. (ANI)