Ambani chopper sabotage case: 52 of Air Works’ non-technical workers off duty

Ambani chopper sabotage case: 52 of Air Works’ non-technical workers off dutyAir Works has taken the attempted sabotage case of Anil Ambani’s Bell 412 helicopter - parked in the Air Works’ hangar for repair and maintenance - quite seriously. Till the time investigations do not reach their conclusive end, 52 of the non-technical workers of the company have been directed to stay off duty.  

The company, which has a total of 200 employees, officials and managerial staff in Mumbai, has 62 non-technical helpers. Talking about the post-sabotage attempt proceedings, a company spokesperson said: “Air Works has “advised” 52 of its non-technical helper staff to remain off duty till the investigation is over.”

The proceedings result from a police case filed on Thursday by an Air Works official, who has alleged that ‘unknown persons’ had tried to sabotage Ambani’s chopper, in which stones were found in one of the fuel tanks.

However, the police officials are working on the suspicion that the sabotage attempt was the result of a dispute between the Air Works’ employees union and its management. The police visited the Mumbai airport to examine the spot where Ambani’s chopper was parked, and questioned four employees on Saturday.

Rakesh Maria, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, said: “We are examining every possibility in the case and are ascertaining the facts. But no arrest has been made till now.”

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