Alzheimer’s Vaccine Proves Effective In Mice

Alzheimer's diseaseUS scientists state that a vaccine designed to fight a protein culpably involved in Alzheimer's disease has proven efficient in mice.

A team of researchers at the New York University Medical Centre noted abnormal tau protein collects into damaging dishevels in the memory centre of the brains of patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

But, the new NYUMC-developed vaccine prevented tau tangles in various parts of the central nervous system of mice, which were genetically engineered to fabricate abnormal tau proteins.

The vaccine actuated the immune system to make antibodies, which could get into the brain and attach to abnormal tau, the research worker said.

This prevented tau from making injurious dishevels and making motor coordination troubles in the mice.

The study published in the August 22 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience is the earliest to demonstrate that a vaccine can induct the immune system to fight abnormal tau protein.

In a prepared statement, Einar Sigurdsson, assistant professor of psychiatry and pathology said, “This approach may have extensive therapeutic implications, because you can specifically target the problematic protein.”

Sigurdsson brought up, “Tau aggregates are inside the cell, making it especially difficult to develop a therapy to target and clear them from the cell.”