All-new Nakamura E-Gravel bike boasts impressive range, power & connectivity

All-new Nakamura E-Gravel bike boasts impressive range, power & connectivity

The recently unveiled all-new Nakamura E-Gravel electric bicycle (e-bike) boasts a wealth of impressive, high-tech components. The Nakamura E-Gravel comes equipped with a mid-drive electric motor capable of delivering an impressive 80 newton-meters (Nm) of torque, which places it in close competition with renowned names like Bosch and Shimano. For power, the electric motor relies on a 460-Wh battery pack that has been neatly nestled within the downtube of the two-wheeler. Nakamura, one of the most popular sports outlets in Europe, boldly claims a remarkable range of up to 100 km (approximately 62 miles) on a full charge. Of course, the actual range may vary depending on the riding style and level of assistance used by the rider.

The aforementioned impressive range and power ensure that the rider can effortlessly conquer even a difficult terrain with ease. In other words, the given combination of extensive range and power makes it a versatile and capable e-bike for various riding needs.

The new e-bike is convenient and durable as well. The E-Gravel’s user-friendly 460-Wh battery is removable, which means that it can be removed conveniently to be charged anywhere inside a home or office. The durable aluminum frame of the e-bike strikes a harmonious balance between sturdiness and weight. Available in three sizes – S, M, and L – the new e-bike accommodates a diverse range of riders, ensuring a comfortable fit for both city commuters or trail enthusiasts.

It also boasts a versatile design and smart assistance. Weighing 19.5 kilograms, the Nakamura E-Gravel showcases a sleek green paint finish that perfectly blends style and functionality. Its mid-mounted NAKAE-POWER system offers a range of assistance levels, including Eco, Sport, Boost, and the innovative Smart mode. These tailored assistance options have been given to ensure that the rider experience matches his/her preferences as well as riding scenarios.

In addition to high-performance components like high-performance components, including a SHIMANO GRX groupset, an efficient 11-speed transmission, and dependable 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, the new e-bike offers impressive connectivity. offers a user-friendly LCD display on the handlebar to keep the rider informed about crucial data and allow him/her to control integrated headlights and switch between assistance modes seamlessly.

When it comes to pricing and availability, The Nakamura E-Gravel is currently available only in France, with a price tag of €1,999.99 (approx. US$2,100). The availability of this e-bike in other markets, as of now, has yet to be confirmed.

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