All-electric Fiat Abarth 600e car to reportedly enter market in 2025

All-electric Fiat Abarth 600e car to reportedly enter market in 2025

Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat has joined forces with racing-car brand Abarth to design and develop a new all-electric vehicle, called the Abarth 600e, which will reportedly arrive in 2025. The Abarth 600e will be the performance brand’s second battery-powered model, after the Abarth 500e that was officially introduced to the world towards the end of last year. Powered by 42-kWh battery pack, the Abarth 500e is said to be the most engaging, responsive as well as dynamic model of the brand.

The power output difference between the Fiat 500e and its Abarth counterpart is 35 hp or roughly 30 per cent. The Abarth 500e produces a total of 152 hp, while the regular Fiat 500e is capable of producing 117 hp.

Without revealing details about the Abarth 600e, Fiat Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Olivier Francois said that the planned EV is viable as well as logical. However, the top executive ruled out a sporty Fiat.

Speaking on the topic, Francois said, “For Fiat, we make money. We are simplicity. We are smaller cars. We are not sports cars. We are not luxury. We are not big cars.” He went on to added that Abarth should stand out from Fiat within the fourteen brands of the parent company, Stellantis.

The standard Fiat 600 car has the same EV platform that underpins the Jeep Avenger. It is powered by a 154-hp electric motor (e-motor) at the front axle, which relies on a 54-kWh battery pack for power. As per available information, the battery pack offers a WLTP range of 249 miles (roughly 400.7 km) on a sull charge, while city driving increases the range to as much as 373 miles (roughly 600.3 km).

If Abarth follows the footsteps of Fiat in producing its own version of the Fiat 600, then the EV’s power could go up to 200 hp in front-wheel drive (FWD) trim. However, Stellantis previously revealed that the e-CMP platform that underpins the Avenger as well as the Fiat 600 could support dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) powertrain, which could allow Abarth to possibly produce an AWD 600e with 300 hp if the rear axle-mounted motor would be the same as the front axle-mounted drive unit.

Emerging media reports suggest that the Abarth 600e will boast some sporty design features, including bespoke wheels, more aggressive bumpers, bucket seats, and even a speaker for emitting fake engine noises.

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