All-electric cars’ Norway market share jumps to 73.8% in November 2021

All-electric cars’ Norway market share jumps to 73.8% in November 2021

Norway, a Northern European country whose mainland territory comprises the western & northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, is undoubtedly leading the region in terms of adoption of electric cars. With internal combustion engine car sales crumbling further down in November 2021, the country has once again proved that the all-electric car future is closer than previously thought.

While many markets has plans to put a ban on gas-powered cars by 2030 or 2035, Norway has set an impressive goal for each new car on the public road to be all-electric by the end of 2025, and several reports have suggested that the Scandinavian country is on the right track with right pace to achieve that goal. Thus, the Scandinavian country is leading the entire world in terms of EV adoption per capita.

In November this year, Norway reported 73.8 per cent of car sales coming from all-electric segment, and the figure jumps to 94.9 per cent when we add all vehicles with batteries to the list.

In November 2020, the market share of only petrol engine cars was recorded at 5.1 per cent, which slipped to 2.3 per cent (with just 356 units sold) in the same month this year. The share of only diesel engine cars slipped from 5.4 per cent to 2.7 per cent (with just 416 units sold) in the month under review. Hybrid cars also suffered a considerable decline in market share, from 33.3 per cent in November last year to 21.1 per cent in November 2021. Last month, the country registered sales of 3,288 units of hybrid cars (cars equipped with gas engines and electric powertrains).

On the other hand, all-electric cars enjoyed a notable increase in their market shares. The market share of all-electric zero-emission cars jumped from 56.1 per cent to 73.8 per cent. Last month, the country registered sales of 11,274 units of all-electric cars.

American EV giant Tesla Motors topped the list of best-sellers. It grabbed the positions of best-selling as well as second best-selling vehicles in the Scandinavian country’s automobile market last month. It sold 1,013 units of the Model Y electric crossover SUV, and 771 units of the model 3 electric sedan. Volkswagen secured third position 725 units of ID.4 sold last month. Audi and Nissan followed at the fourth and fifth ranks, with 661 units of the Q4 e-tron and 655 units of the all-electric Leaf sold in the month under review.

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