Agartala blast a handiwork of foreign terrorists

Agartala, TripuraAgartala, Oct 14 : It''s calm after the storm. The serial blasts in Agartala have not only left a mark on the ground, it has left a deep scar on the psyche of the people and dented the people''s confidence that has been built up in the last few years.

People were quite happy to retrieve peace after years of violence in the state but the recent blasts have again brought the memories of the past. They are trying to understand, who might be trying to disturb the new found peace in the state.

There are suspicions of involvement of Bangladeshi fundamentalists in the blasts. "There is a suspicion that people across the border are involved in these blasts, may be the jihadists. They are doing such things in the entire northeastern region. According to the security forces, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) backed Bangladesh-based jihadists are active and are trying to create problems,” said Sujit Chakraborty, an inhabitant of Tripura.

Sekhar Dutta, a senior journalist in Tripura, said, "The involvement of the ISI is quite possible as it is known to create problems in neighbouring countries. Even within Pakistan such reports have come out in various books and newspapers. ISI is an extra constitutional body and is not under the real control of democratic government.”

“It is possible that they would fish in troubled waters, as their main purpose is to create trouble in India and make it bleed,” added Dutta.

The suspicion of foreign elements being involved in the blasts is due to the similarities between the blasts in Tripura and other parts of the country. The main suspects of these blasts are alleged to be Jihadi elements.

The arrests of four persons, of whom three are suspected to be Harkat–ul-Jihadi–Islami (HUJI) militants, in the backdrop of Agartala serial blast, point towards the involvement of Islamic fundamentalist, who are active in their safe havens in Bangladesh.

Wasibur Hussain, a faculty at Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Guwahati, said, "The incidents in Tripura has to be examined in the light of the fact that in September-end, the army claimed to have shot down seven HUJI militants in Assam. So, if you look at the blast it is possible that it is the handiwork of the same set of people, who are behind other blasts in the country, who want to demonstrate that they can strike anywhere and at any given time."

"In terms of blasts that have happened across the nation, it''s similarities with the recent blast in Tripura can be said only after the chemical tests. But in terms of the pattern used, there is commonness with the incidents happening in the rest of the country and in Tripura," said Pranay Sahay, Director General of Police, Tripura.

Tripura, which shares a long porous boarder with Bangladesh, has been experiencing the threat of illegal Bangladesh migrants for a long time. In course of time, these migrants have become the sleeping cells of Islamic ultras, residing on the other side of the border.

The people of Tripura feel concerned following the recent blasts in Agartala and quite a few questions have been raised - Who were the masterminds behind the recent blasts in Agartala? What were the motives behind such dastardly acts in Tripura, which has never witnessed such acts of horror even at the peak of militancy in the state?(ANI)