Is 8 inch long Tilly the smallest dog in Britain?

Is 8 inch long Tilly the smallest dog in Britain?London, Apr 20: Tilly the Chorkie, standing just six inches tall and measuring eight inches from nose to tail, is probably the smallest dog in Britain.

Tilly, a cross between Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua, was born on January 15 and she was around three inches long and weighing less than four ounces at the time of her birth.

Though she is fully-grown, she is only 8 inches tall and her owner Karen McPhearson has been told her growing days are over.

"Tilly is so boisterous and enthusiastic for someone so small. We took her to the vets last week and we were told that she will not grow any more,” the Telegraph quoted Karen, as saying.

"She has not got any bigger since she was four weeks old and now weighs just one pound four ounces and is just eight inches long and about eight inches tall from head to floor or six inches from her back to the floor,” Karen added.

Though Tilly is just 8 inches in size she has an incredible appetite.

"Tilly weighs just one pound four ounces but she has a big appetite," says 45-year-old Karen. Apart from her usual five meals a day of dog food, she loves to drink tea and eat baby ruskies,” Karen said. (ANI)