78 Job Openings at Tesla Motors’ New Stationary-Storage Unit

’s Tesla Motors has listed 78 job openings in its new stationary-storage unit. The new unit of the company will make battery packs and will also help the company to expand his range beyond the electric vehicles for providing energy to homes, businesses and utilities.

The job openings can be seen on the company’s website. These openings are for the storage team, including several engineers, chief counsel, a regulatory and policy advocate and an installation project manager.

After having a close look at Tesla’s filings and presentations, it is clear that the growth trajectory has been quite progressive and bright in the segment.

It is comparatively easier and quick to make batteries for the stationary storage devices rather than making cars, as they are more long-term investment.

According to Ben Kallo, an analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co, battery business is still in its starting stage, and it could prove to be a better business in the near future. This business will probably generate higher margin and require less ongoing spending.

The company has been selling battery packs to Daimler AG and Toyota Motor (TM) since early days for the construction of the world’s largest battery factory near Reno, Nevada.

The company said that in 2020, when the project will reach its full production, it will be more than double the world’s supply of versatile and powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Beyond the batteries, this factory will also provide backup energy for the businesses, homes and will also help to meet the wholesale energy demands.

The June 2014 report released by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance showed that the annual global investment is expected to reach $5.1 billion by 2020.

Stocks of the company on March 5 traded in the beginning with a price of $202.85 and went down -0.89% at $200.63 at the end of the day-trade.