5 Easy Tips to Follow to Fix a Broken Car Horn

A car horn is an important part and belongs to the safety department. This is what makes it indispensable for you to fix or replace it as and when needed. And while you can visit offline stores, you can buy a car horn from boodmo.com or any other online portal conveniently.

It’s a fact that even while selling a car, the very first thing people tend to do is check the horn or its wiring. Since these are not just sound-making devices but a kind of warning signal option too, having a working one equipped for your car is quite necessary. It not only helps to represent your intentions on the road but is also important in terms of safety.


Also, buying a car horn every time you face some issue might not make sense, and you should know the basics of fixing it in minor cases. And if you aren’t sure of how to go about it, read on for an in depth knowledge.

Knowing the following five tricks might be useful.

● Fuse Check

Just like any other part of an automobile that is operated using electric power, the horn also has a fuse. And if the fuse is blown out due to some reason, the horn stops working. In such a case, all you need to do is replace the fuse.

Car fuse generally has a fork-like look and if you observe a broken wire between them, you can locate the problem. In this situation, you need to replace the broken fuse with a new one by using basic tools.

● Relay Inspection

If you have checked your fuse and it is all fine and working, there is a strong possibility that the relay is the source of the problem. Self-inspection of the relay is a little difficult task. However, since most of the relays are the same, you can check it by interchanging it with the one in the relay box. After doing so, if you find the horn working, you might need to buy and replace the relay.

● Testing the Horn

If both your fuse and relay are working fine, it is time to check the horn itself. To check the horn, you will need some basic equipment, like a jumper wire and electricity, for sure. Connect one end of the jumper to the horn while the other one to the positive battery terminal. If the horn doesn’t work, you know where the problem is coming from.

● Wire Connectors

Often, wires that are plugged into the horn for power wear out, loosens, or might get disconnected from the socket. As a result, the horn might stop working. In such a situation, you need to clean the plug and attach it back to the socket. Perhaps, in a wear-out situation, you have to replace it with a new one. After doing so, you can check the horn in order to confirm.

● Horn Switch

After checking all possible snags, if you are still facing the problem, there is a high chance that your horn switch might be broken. However, it is not advisable to fix such a problem on your own unless you are a pro at it, since the solution would require the removal of the steering wheel which is connected to airbags. And messing up such a vital thing can lead to major mishaps.
Usually, people do not consider horns to be a major part of an automobile. Even while purchasing a new car, checking horns is nearly kept at the end of the requirement list.

But in reality, their importance is much more than the outer appearance of the automobile. Its presence might not be felt but absence can create chaos.

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