27 March: 125 Countries to support Earth Hour

27 March: 125 Countries to support Earth HourAs the clock will hit 8.30 on Saturday, millions have already pledged to go dark on the Earth Hour. Be it the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower or the China's Forbidden City, all of them will go dark to support the Earth Hour.

In fact, in its fourth year, the global campaign promises to be the biggest ever in its history as almost 125 countries have already agreed to be a part of it. Notably, the success of the Earth hour comes even after the failed talks in Copenhagen last year.

While the Copenhagen summit was expected to have boost the hope of the people for meaningful action on climate change to take place in the further course of action it only resulted in producing meaningless and chaotic talks.

Even corporate houses like Google, Coca Cola, Hilton, McDonalds, Canon, HSBC and IKEA have also pledged to support the Earth Hour and switch the lights off in their respective offices worldwide.

As the earth Hour is not associated with any boundaries, geographic and economic situations, the program in its fourth year is expected to make the desired impact on the minds of the people and may raise concerns over energy saving and supporting the efforts for saving the environment.