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Malaysian PM vows to bring MH17 crash culprits to justice

Najib RazakWellington, Oct 29 : Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has vowed to bring to justice the culprits of Malaysian Airlines MH17 that crashed over eastern Ukraine.

According to Stuff. co. nz, Razak said that he fears fighting in Ukraine might hamper access to the crash site.

A report by the Dutch safety board said in September that MH17 crashed after a large number of high-energy objects penetrated its fuselage.

Malaysian PM also said that he hopes to see the MH370 investigation results in the coming months which would bring a solution to the world's biggest aviation mystery. (ANI)

'Avatar 2' to begin casting in LA, Wellington soon

Avatar-2Wellington, Oct 17 : The sequel to the 2009 blockbuster film 'Avatar' would soon begin to cast for the project in New Zealand and America.

According to Stuff. co. nz, Miramar-based The Casting Company would be handling the casting in New Zealand for ' Avatar 2', which would be the first of three upcoming sequels to the James Cameron's film.

Cameron would return to helm the project while actors Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver reprise their roles from the original film, which had grossed more than 3.5 billion dollars worldwide, and had become the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Bailey expects Pak to `doctor pitches` to suit spin in upcoming ODI series against Oz

George-BaileyWellington, Oct 07 : Australia cricket team's ODI captain George Bailey is expecting Pakistan to doctor their pitches to suit spin in their upcoming clashes in the United Arab Emirates.

Pakistan are due to host Australia for three ODI games in a series that starts on Tuesday. Australia made a bright start to their tour with a six-wicket win in Sunday's one-off Twenty20 clash in Dubai, with spinners Glenn Maxwell and Cameron Boyce claiming 3-13 and 2-10 respectively.

World's first healthy baby born to womb transplant woman

baby born to womb transplant womanWellington, Oct 4 : A 36 years old woman in Sweden gave birth to the world's first ever healthy baby after she received a womb transplant.

Dr Mats Brannstrom, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Gothenburg and colleagues had transplanted wombs into nine other women over the last two years as part of a study, but complications forced removal of two of the organs and there arose many other medical anomalies, Stuff. co. nz reported.

The baby boy was born prematurely but healthy last month, and mother and child are now at home and doing well.

Nicole Kidman thanks fans for support post father's death

Nicole KidmanWellington, Sept 30 : Nicole Kidman finally spoke in public two weeks after her father's death and thanked her fans for their ''comforting'' support.

The actress, 47, and her singer husband Keith Urban shared a joint statement on their Facebook pages, where they expressed their gratitude writing that thought they were heartbroken, knowing that people loved them so dearly was reassuring, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Dr Kidman, 75, renowned Sydney clinical psychologist, died from an apparent heart attack earlier this month while he was visiting his youngest daughter, Antonia and her family. (ANI)

Qantas A380 flying world's longest route

Qantas A380Wellington, Sep 29 : The world's largest passenger aircraft- Airbus A380 superjumbo- is flying the world's longest air route from Sydney to Dallas.

According to, the Qantas Sydney-Dallas route became the longest non-stop flight in the world late last year after Singapore Airlines ended its non-stop flights from Singapore to New York , a 19-hour slog that covered 16,700 kilometres on a four-engine Airbus A340-500.

The A380 superjumbo will take a little more than 15 hours to cover the Sydney- Dallas route at 13,800 kilometres.

McIlroy bags PGA of America Player of the Year award

Rory McIlroyWellington, Sep 17 - Rory McIlroy has been named winner of the PGA of America Player of the Year 2013-14 and has also won the Vardon Trophy for the stellar performance that he put up last year.

The 25-year-old Northern Irishman, who has claimed two major titles among his four wins worldwide this year, has claimed the two awards for the second time in three seasons, reported Stuff. co. nz.

The star golfer scored an adjusted average of 68.82 through 66 complete rounds, edging Sergio Garcia (68.95), who completed 61 rounds, for the Vardon Trophy.

Miley Cyrus claims Google 'more harmful to brain than drugs'

Miley CyrusWellington, September 1 - Miley Cyrus has claimed that Google and Instagram are more harmful than drugs.

While defending smoking weed, the 21-year-old former Disney star said that Googling yourself and reading Facebook comments are more harmful to the brain than drugs, the Stuff. co. nz reported.

During the interview with Australian show Sunday Night, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer mentioned that she posts pictures of herself smoking pot on Instagram, because she is brought up in a way that she never thought marijuana was bad.

Social media users likelier to shirk from discussing important issues offline

Facebook-UserWellington, Aug 28 : A new study has revealed that people who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely than others to share their opinions on hot-button issues, even when they are offline.

According to the study by the Pew Research Center and Rutgers University in New Jersey, sites like Facebook and Twitter might actually encourage self-censorship and there is a "spiral of silence" phenomenon: Unless people know their audience agrees, they are likely to shy away from discussing anything controversial, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Lupita Nyong`o swears by avocado oil for beauty

Lupita-NyongWellington, Aug 25 : Lupita Nyong'o revealed recently that avocado oil was a must have product for her beauty routine.

While talking to the Harper's Bazaar about her beauty secrets, the 31-year-old Oscar winning star said that initially, she was only using the oil on her body, but later realised that it was good for face and hair as well, Stuff. co. nz reported.

The '12 Years A Slave' beauty, who's face of the beauty brand Lancome, also said that she was against chemically straightened tresses and believed that she could mould her Afro hair whenever she wanted. (ANI)

Has an alien 'thigh bone' been spotted on Mars?

Has an alien 'thigh bone' been spotted on Mars?Wellington, Aug 23 - Curiosity rover took a photo on August 14, which led conspiracy theorists believe that it was a 'bone-like' object on Mars.

NASA's scientists said seen by Mars rover Curiosity using its MastCam, this Mars rock might look like a femur thigh bone, however, mission science team members think its shape was likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water and if life ever existed on Mars, scientists expect that it would be small simple life forms called microbes, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Dwayne Johnson shares touching message after family survives accident

Dwayne-JohnsonWellington, Aug 11 : Dwayne Johnson recently took got all emotional and shared a touching message on Instagram, after his mom and cousin WWE Diva Savelina Fanene, survived a terrible car accident.

The 42-year-old wrestler-turned actor, also known as The Rock, posted a photo of the accident's outcome, which was caused by a driver, who was allegedly intoxicated, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Johnson wrote that though he wanted to find and "harm" the person responsible, he realised that the important thing was that his family was safe and alive, and he could hug them real "tight."

I'm on right track with 'Avatar' sequels, says James Cameron

James-CameronWellington, Aug 11 : James Cameron feels he's on the "right track" with ' Avatar' sequels, which he calls as the "mega project," as he's almost done with the scripts and the preliminary preparations.

The 59-year-old Oscar-winning ' Titanic ' director, said that he was working on the fantasy film's 2nd, 3rd and 4th follow-ups all at once and they were all coming together as he's totally devoted to them, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Sleeping with men didn't help my career, says Lana Del Rey

Lana-Del-ReyWellington, July 23 : Lana Del Rey admitted that even though she had slept with men in the music industry, it didn't help her land her any record deals.

The 29-year-old singer, who has sold over 7 million albums worldwide since her debut in 2010, told Complex magazine that her new song 'F**ked My Way to the Top' tells tale of how she gained success, Stuff. co. nz reported.

Del Rey, who split with fellow musician Barrie-James O'Neill, said that she it's important for her to have a "physical and passionate love" with her partner as her everyday life is complete opposite of that. (ANI)

J Law's 'Hunger Games' workout revealed

jennifer-lawrenceWellington, July 13 : Jennifer Lawrence's ' Hunger Games ' trainer has revealed the actress' workout regime and said that she maintained a sunny disposition throughout even the most exhausting workouts.

The sports medicine doctor Dr Joe Horrigan told Teen Vogue that bodyweight squats, push-ups and sit-ups all performed in a circuit and one could also add jumping rope and if one could can do any of these exercises for 20 minutes at high intensity, one would see the results, Stuff. co. nz reported.

According to Horrigan, cardio was the key to good health.

Beyonce graces cover of Time mag's 'most influential people' issue

BeyonceWellington, April 25 : Beyonce has become the cover girl for Time magazine's annual '100 Most Influential People' issue after making the 2014 list.

The 32-year-old singer, who juggles her busy work schedule along with motherhood, has graced the cover in a black and white shot, flaunting her toned physique in see-through top and shorts, Stuff. co. nz reported.

American businesswoman Sheryl Sandberg has written a piece on why the 'Drunk in Love' hitmaker was worth the list, saying that the star, who heads Parkwood Entertainment, builds a better table rather than just sitting at it.

Miranda Kerr believes in being 'natural' when it comes to beauty

Miranda-KerrWellington, April 24 : Miranda Kerr has revealed that she depends upon nature when it comes to her beauty.

The 31-year-old supermodel, who's the brand ambassador of Clear Scalp and Hair, does a 'do-it-yourself' body scrub with sea salt and coconut oil, Stuff. co. nz reported.

And exfoliates her skin as well as washes her hair every second day with organic products, she said.

The mother-of-one added that she takes out time of her busy schedule to meditate as it's very important for a healthy for the body, mind, and spirit. (ANI)

Katy Perry panted like 'a dog' during sister's labour

Katy-PerryWellington, April 23 : Katy Perry has admitted that she panted like "a dog" while her sister was in labour .

The ' Roar' hitmaker, who had earlier tweeted about delivering a baby in a living room, said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she is an assistant doula and that's what they called her all the time, Stuff. co. nz reported.

The 29-year-old singer said that they had a midwife and there was a tub in the living room, and she was holding a leg, and panting like a dog, while making "primal noises". (ANI)

Anderson needs medical clearance to make IPL debut

Corey AndersonWellington, April 16 - Corey Anderson will require clearance from New Zealand Cricket's medical staff before making his Indian Premier League debut, TVNZ reported Wednesday.

The $866,000 allrounder is preparing with his Mumbai Indians team in Abu Dhabi but won't play until New Zealand Cricket is satisfied he's over the dislocated little finger suffered at the World Twenty20 April 1.

Nufarm shuts down plant in New Zealand

Nufarm shuts down plant in New ZealandNufarm, which is a leading agricultural chemicals manufacturer, has said that it is planning to close down its plant in New Zealand.

The company has also said that it is planning to shift its regional production to Victoria. The company believes that consolidating its production will generate annual cost savings of $3 million. The move will result in a loss of 59 jobs at the Otahuhu factory, in Auckland, according to the company.

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