Zeebo’s $199 video game console for “emerging” markets to be launched next month

Zeebo’s $199 video game console for “emerging” markets to be launched next month Packed with Qualcomm's cell phone technology, start-up Zeebo's first video game console for "the next billion" will be launched next month. Priced at $199, the console will specifically target the "emerging" BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China - markets.

Given the fact that Zeebo's console is developing world-specific, it is not intended to offer any direct competition whatsoever to the "big three" namely - Sony's PS 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360, or Nintendo's Wii.

Rather, the launch of a console for the emerging markets is apparently a viable alternative for thwarting game piracy in these markets. Flaunting the biggest advantage of its upcoming console on its website, Zeebo said it would be "Selling titles for only a slight premium over the gray market prices of the original titles, so consumers have no reason to leave home to shop."

The fairly light Zeebo unit will make use of digitally-downloaded games, rather than playing video games on disks. The Zeebo games will be distributed via the cell phone networks, without any compulsion on the players to subscribe for them.

Technically, the Zeebo console is somewhat of a cross between the PS 1 and PS 2. Not a big deal, but then, as Zeebo CEO John F. Rizzo said an ultra-modern video game would not be practical for Zeebo's target markets of the developing world!

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