Zardari to US: Give us the drones and we will take out the militants ourselves''

PPP co-chairman Asif Ali ZardariLondon, Apr. 8 : Pakistan''s embattled President Asif Ali Zardari has urged America to provide his country with drones and missiles and in return promised to take out the militants in the country.

In an interview with The Independent, Zardari said Pakistan had made it clear that it was willing to "take out high-value targets on our own, and we welcome the technology and intelligence assistance that will give us the ability to succeed".

He added: "I cannot condone violations of our sovereignty even when they are done by allies and friends. We would much prefer that the US share its intelligence and give us the drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of this problem on our own."

A fresh spike confronts Pakistan in militant violence. Hundreds of people have been killed and wounded in recent weeks and a senior Pakistani Taliban leader has vowed that his suicide bombers will carry out two attacks every week.

The President also acknowledged that more than a year after elections, many in Pakistan are growing frustrated with a seeming lack of progress.

Asked about the disputes between his party and Nawaz Sharif''s Pakistan Muslim League-N, he said: "The ups and downs of democracy should not be interpreted as a lack of stability ... There is the usual tug of power politics and the tendency of some observers to paint Doomsday scenarios. But I think the people appreciate that our democratic government is functioning." (ANI)