Zardari, Karzai resolve to jointly fight terrorism

Islamabad, Sept 10 : Zardari, Karzai resolve to jointly fight terrorismPakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai have reportedly resolved to stand together in the fight against terrorism. The two said at a joint press conference held here last evening shortly after Zardari was sworn in as the Pakistan’s President.

Karzai told media persons that he and Zardari had agreed to fight the menace of terrorism together. “It is an issue of importance to both countries. It is about fighting this menace in the right manner. I and Zardari have agreed on how the problem should be tackled,” the Daily Times quoted Karzai as saying.

On the occasion, Zardari said that Pakistan was also willing to work with Afghanistan on the front of fight against terror.

Rejecting the impression that Pakistan was losing ground to terrorists, Zardari said: “No part of Pakistan, not even an inch of land, will be lost to terrorists. Although they are a problem, we are bigger than the problem and we will look into its eyes.”

In his maiden press conference after taking oath of President, Zardari said: “I find in President Zardari a good will and vision not only for relations between the two countries but for the region, that I have seen for the first time in this region.”

Replying to a question about the proposed withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and their deployment in Afghanistan, the Pakistan President said: “Asking the US to leave Afghanistan is a luxury that we cannot afford. The international troops are there under a United Nations resolution,” he said when asked about.” (ANI)