Zaragoza city puts 17 hybrid buses from Volvo into operation

Zaragoza city puts 17 hybrid buses from Volvo into operation

In a move marking the integration of hybrid buses in Zaragoza, the Spanish city has recently put 17 Volvo hybrid buses into service. The move is an indication of Zaragoza city government’s apparent efforts toward fleet electrification. The city plans to have a total of 76 hybrid buses in its fleet, with the recently introduced 17 Volvo hybrid buses comprising the first batch.

In accordance with the plans, the first batch of Volvo hybrid buses will be operated on lines 42, 44, 52 and 53 in the city. The buses are the Volvo 7905 Hybrid vehicles, with electrically operated auxiliary systems such as the doors, power steering, and air conditioning, to cut down fuel consumption.

With the first batch put into operation in Zaragoza, the city government has revealed that the next expansion of the hybrid bus fleet has already been planned. Going by the details shared by the government, the next hybrid-bus batch comprising 18 hybrid articulated buses and four electric buses will be put into operation in September 2019.

The incorporation of hybrid buses in the bus fleet will enable Zaragoza to achieve a targeted 30% reduction in CO2 emissions, and 95% reduction in NOX and particle matter emissions (PM10). Moreover, the use of hybrid buses will also lead to reduced noise pollution in the city.

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