Your Valentine’s Day emails might actually be a deadly virus

Sydney, Feb 8: Your Valentine’s Day emails might actually be a deadly virusAs Valentine week kicks off, online security experts have warned lovers, who are on a lookout for the perfect gift, against dodgy Valentine's Day emails.

An online security company MessageLabs, has warned computer users against clicking on unknown links wooing them to buy an ideal gift for their loved ones.

A majority of these spam emails contain lines such as "Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift?" or "Make Valentine's Day Night a memorable one", which contain links to a website selling a herbal formula called VPXL.

MessageLabs product marketing manager Phil Routley said that two per cent of the Valentine’s Day mails are purely spam, so there are literally millions of these emails going out.

"We scan three billion emails a day, and of those 85 per cent are spam," News. com. au quoted Routley , as saying.

"All they need is one person to buy their product for them to make a profit, because the cost of sending spam out is almost nothing," he added.

He believes that the Valentine's Day spam originates likely from a network of computers labelled the Storm Botnet.

"Storm Botnet is made up of infected PCs," said Routley.

"Your computer or laptop could be part of this botnet used to send spam out, he added. "

Botnets have grown in popularity among hackers and spammers because they are harder to shut down than a single email account or computer.

Routley recommends computer users to remain vigilant to spam in their inbox and avoid clicking on them.

"If you get an email from an unknown source, be vigilan," he said. (ANI)

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