Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) Written Update for 28th April 2024 Episode: Ruhi Suprised by Good News

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) Written Update for 28th April 2024 Episode: Ruhi Suprised by Good News

In this episode, Arman advises Abhira to retire to the room because, he is making sure that Kaveri agrees. Abhira doesn't want to hear all of Arman's explanations. She claims Arman meant her. Arman states her illness was rapidly worsening. Abhira persuade Arman not to blame Akshara. Arman turns angry towards Abhira.Abhira and Arman argue. It was Abhira who would finally relieve Arman of his shackles. Arman tells Abhira to wait for some more time. Abhira wouldn't experience any of this in the presence of Arman.

Abhira attempts to reconcile with Ruhi. Abhira urges Ruhi to stop pretending even when she truly wanted to oust her. Abhira is asked by Ruhi to chill out a bit. Abhira tells Ruhi she keeps on doing drama. She is opening the door of the house.Kaveri stops Abhira.

Kaveri and Abhira become enemies. Kaveri adds that Arman is not interested in suffering. However, she later decides to help Abhira.Abhira taunts Kaveri. Kaveri warns that when Abhira ventures outside, she is not going to survive. On the contrary Abhira tells her she will work but she will never lower Akshara's esteem or steal money from the poddars. Abhira claims that her self-respect is what she craves for thus she will not be seen at home. #Kaveri and Arman get perplexed.

Arman hopes he can find a way for Abhira to stay.Abhira walks out.Kaveri closes the door. She sympathies with Abhira. She orders Kaveri to prevent Abhira, as she surely won’t survive without him. Abhira, the Pandya King, also refuses to listen to Kaveri's request. She is predicting Abhirawill beseech not to leave Poddar's house.

Manish suggests her Swarna takes peace while he is saying about Ruhi’s boyfriend. He has decided to pick up the sleepless nights and dedicate his time to find out the truth of Ruhi, who was missing. When Manish asserts that he can’t see Ruhi and Arman’s portrait, he may indicate that he is acting out of anger or resentment towards them.

Arman thinks about Abhira. He gets mad again remembering alive. Arman accidentally hurt Ruhi. He apologizes to Ruhi.

Manish looks for the card on which the kite was kept, but it's not there. Ruhi would enquiring from Arman, if he is injured. Nargis asks Iskinder whether he supported Abhira as he believed that she injured their family.Ruhi defends Abhira. Arman criticizes Abira’s ego as huge.Ruhi consoles Arman.

Manish finally finds out the fact which is that Ruhi is plunged into serious relationship with Arman. He gets angry. Abhira looks for flat lender.

Manish turns round angrily on Swarna and calls her a thief. Manish blurts it out that Swarna knows the truth, and she is totally taken over. Supposing Manish, Swarna, and even Ruhi keep yelling at each other.Swarna tries to defend. Abhira too stung but Manish is very much is thoughtful of it and he feels bad for the girl.