Yahoo India focusing on developing mobile Internet apps

Yahoo India focusing on developing mobile Internet appsYahoo India is concentrating on developing mobile Internet applications in order to tap the available opportunity in the fast growing market, a senior executive of the company said.

Hari Vasudeva, head of Research & Development at Yahoo India, said that the company planned to move its personalized experiences to mobile.

The company has introduced a number of mobile apps, including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Cricket, News and Weather, which as per Vasudeva's claims collectively won the company nearly 65 per cent of mobile users in India. He also claimed that the company has already reached 62 per cent of Internet users across India, and that out of three hundred mobile Yahoo users worldwide, 40 million are in India.

Vasudeva also claimed that Flickr - the company's popular photo sharing service - recently allocated more than one terabyte free storage to Indian users.

Speaking on the topic, Vasudeva added, "We want our users to be able to experience our best of breed services on mobile phones just like they do on desktops."

The company expects the number of Indian mobile Internet users to jump from current 180 million to around 300 million by the year 2015. As manufacturers are launching more and more Internet-enabled mobile phones at lower prices, an increasing number of people are using Internet on mobiles. Yahoo believes that this would spur mobile app development.

Yahoo India's Bangalore-based R&D centre, which has a workforce of around 2,000 people, is the second largest centre after its headquarters in the US.