Yahoo Gets Hold Of Buzztracker, Names Alan Warns As Yahoo News GM, VP

Yahoo has bought news aggregator BuzzTracker, and also named its creator, Alan Warms as Yahoo News GM, VP.

BuzzTracker explores web sites and blogs for news items and arranges them according to topic. The company also provides its software to other business houses.
The online major (Yahoo) has acquired the company to swell its advertising span on the web. The financial details of the deal are not disclosed yet.

BuzzTracker keep a track on more than 1,000 topics on over 90,000 blogs. Now, these pages would be used to add content to Yahoo’s news service, and would offer up an alternative terminus to services like

According to the market sources, Yahoo has paid around USD 5 million for this transaction.

Alan Warms said, “I am excited to announce that I am joining Yahoo! to run Yahoo! News as vice president and general manager. Yahoo! is also acquiring and related technologies as well as bringing on all Participate Media staff. The decision to sell the business and move to Yahoo! was relatively simple. As anyone playing in the online space understands, online media is all about scale. The ability to garner real CPMs, the ability to sell ads directly, the ability to provide innovative solutions to advertisers, all depend on having tens of millions of unique visitors.”

"As the Publisher of and before that, that point has been drilled into my consciousness over the past two years. Yahoo! News is the leader in online news — the number one player according to both ComScore and HitWise, and I am extremely excited to come aboard as General Manager and have the opportunity to drive value from news, extend Yahoo!’s leadership position and contribute to their commitment to being more open by bringing the best content from across the web. I also get the opportunity, with my team, to bring BuzzTracker, the blogs we cover, and our thousands of granular topical content feeds to millions of users and thousands of advertisers,” added Mr. Warms.