WWF Report: Global Warming Taking Place At Faster Pace Than Thought

WWF Report: Global Warming Taking Place At Faster Pace Than Thought A very astonishing piece of information has been put forward by the latest report of WWF that climate change is taking place at a much faster speed than thought by the scientific organizations. It is quite likely that if in case this is not treated on a global scale, then it will definitely have adverse effects on mankind.

The latest report takes into account the incident of extremely hot summers of 2003, when heart stress and poor air quality took 35,000 extra lives across southern Europe. The report predicts that this will happen more frequently now.

Furthermore, the report suggests that Britain and the North Sea area will frequently experience violent cyclones. Other than this, vast coastal areas will become more prone to floods, since sea level will double to more than a metre than predicted.

The report from WWF also claims for the failure of crops and falling down of eco system on both land and sea.

The European Union has been advised by the organization to influence the rest of the world by approving a package of difficult targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Union has also been requested to keep any hike in global temperatures below 2C.

WWF claims that they have revised and updated all the scientific data and have found that global warming is increasing at a faster pace than was predicted earlier.

According to Dr. Keith Allott, WWF-UK's Head of Climate Change, “Climate change is a major challenge to the future of mankind and the environment, and this sobering overview highlights just how critical it is that EU environment ministers, who are meeting today to discuss EU legislation to tackle climate change, commit to a strong climate and energy package, in order to ensure a low carbon future.”