Workers learned about Mainzeal's fall through media

Workers learned about Mainzeal's fall through mediaSeveral workers of the Mainzeal Construction and Property have said that they learned about the fall of the company through the media.

A total of about 190 employees arrived to attend meeting with receivers in Christchurch yesterday. Similar meetings were organised indifferent cities around the country, where workers were just coming to terms with the loss of their jobs.

In Auckland, employees reporting for work various locations including at Shed 10 on Queens Wharf and the Hobson Gardens apartments in central Auckland came to know about the fall of the company when they arrived at the site.

Company manages informed the workers about the loss of jobs three days ahead of the next pay day. The workers are facing uncertainty as many do not know if the company will have enough money to pay wages in the next few days. Some even asked if the director's assets will be frozen in the process.

Richard Yan, the sole director of Mainzeal Property and Construction, and the founder and head of the Richina Group, owner of the Mainzeal Group has not offered any comments ont eh amtters and the projects affected due to the receivership.

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