When Lady GaGa autographed a fan''s willy!

When Lady GaGa autographed a fan''s willy!New Delhi, March 30 : Lady GaGa was taken aback when a cheeky fan asked her to autograph his genitals.

The pop sensation confessed her nerves froze after the male admirer made the rude request following her performance at a show in Canada, reports China Daily.

She said: "I feel embarrassed saying this but the strangest thing I ever autographed was a man''''''''s penis.

"I was doing a meet and greet backstage in Canada. I had enough room to write Lady GaGa but I don''''''''t really remember. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

"Maybe it is still there - who knows? It was a permanent marker too!"

The 22-year-old singer further revealed her way of dealing with flirts, adding: "I don''''''''t give them a chance to even try a chat-up line. I give them a good, firm, ''''''''No!'''''''' before they even speak. I find that does the trick every time." (ANI)