When demons marry and people worship them in Kullu

When demons marry and people worship them in KulluKullu, March 13 : People from across Himachal Pradesh converge every year in Kullu District's Chachogi village to participate in a unique festival in which both the Gods and demons are worshipped.

The weeklong festival is known as "Kotlu". It is held to celebrate the compromise reached between the Gods and demons.

"According to an agreement between the Gods and the demons demanded that they should be worshipped at least once in a year, and in return, they would not disturb their meditation or harm human beings. So this ''Kotlu'' is celebrated to make the demons happy," claimed Kundan, a local.

The festival is observed in the form of an act presented by four men dressed as demons and four men dressed as Gods. The demons are covered with green leaves and wear grotesque masks, after which ordinary people are not allowed to either touch them or talk to them. Men covered with flowers play as Gods.

The attire and masks are said to be quite old.

"Well in England, we also have a festival in spring time. So in that way, it is quite similar. But we do not celebrate a festival like this. So this is amazing," said British tourist Jayne Tinsley.

Another folk legend says the Gods tricked a demon into marrying an ordinary girl instead of a Goddess.

On the first day of the festival the Hindu God Mahabali is worshiped and on the fifth day, ''Kotlu'' is celebrated. This year, the festival commenced on March 8 and will conclude on March 14. (ANI)