Wenger keeps me at Arsenal, says Fabregas

Wenger keeps me at Arsenal, says Fabregas London  - Midfielder Cess Fabregas would consider his future at Arsenal if manager Arsene Wenger were to leave, according to newspaper reports on Thursday.

Wenger's contract expires in June 2010 and, while his Liverpool counterpart Rafa Benitez has been noisily agitating for a new deal, Wenger has remained silent.

Although he has never hinted he might be prepared to leave, there have been suggestions that he is unhappy with the turmoil engulfing the boardroom, and he has been linked with both Real Madrid and Manchester City.

And if he goes, Fabregas could follow him.

"I have heard the rumours about Wenger leaving for the past three years," Fabregas told the Daily Mirror.

"If he left the club then of course I would consider my own future and whether I would leave the club.

"I am happy at Arsenal and believe that we and Barcelona play the best football in Europe.

"But Wenger is a main part of that." (dpa)