Webasto starts production of EV batteries at a German site

Webasto starts production of EV batteries at a German site

German automotive supplier Webasto has begun the production of electric-vehicle (EV) batteries in its home country, at the Schierling site in the Regensburg district. For the EV battery-pack production, Webasto is using battery cells purchased from Samsung SDI.

The battery packs which are being produced by Webasto at the Schierling site will be delivered to a European bus manufacturer.

In reference to the commencement of battery-pack production by Webasto, the company’s CEO Holger Engelmann said that Webasto has “successfully” marked its foray into the EV batteries market. Engelmann also added that the first buses equipped with Webasto battery packs will “shortly take to the streets of major European cities.”

The battery packs which Webasto is assembling at the Schierling site comprise battery cells supplied by Samsung SDI. The aluminium battery boxes of the packs are being produced by Webasto at its factory located in Hengersberg, and are transported to Schierling. Webasto has made a EUR 18 million investment at the Hengersberg factory for its electric mobility project.

As part of the project, Webasto has also invested EUR 11 million in setting up a multi-product line in the Regensburg district. The move will enable Webasto to produce its self-developed standard battery system for commercial vehicles from early 2020.