WalletHub releases survey of property tax paid by taxpayers across the country
WalletHub releases survey of property tax paid by taxpayers across the country

According to WalletHub report on the best and worst states for taxpayers, Illinois and Iowa were ranked as the worst taxpayers.

The report wrote, "The average American household pays roughly $17,000 in federal income taxes each year. And while we're all faced with the same burden in that regard, there is significant disparity when it comes to state and local taxes".

This means that it makes a big difference where you live while paying state and local taxes. The report calculated relative income tax obligations by applying the average American's income to the effective income taxes rate in each state and locality.

In the list of 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Illinois has highest tax burden. An average of $7,719 in annual taxes; that's 37% higher than the national average is paid by the residents of Illinois.

Iowa ranked 43rd, with an average annual tax burden of $6,730 which is 19% higher than the national average. However, cost-of-living adjustments putting Illinois and Iowa at number 43 and 34 respectively.

Wisconsin got third-worst ranking and New York, Michigan and Ohio residents also carried a heavy tax burden. Alaska and Delaware average annual taxes were around $3,000, which is nearly half the national average. Vermont residents paid $5,642, the national average amount of yearly local taxes.

Connecticut was among two of the states that rank in the top 10 vehicles and real estate taxes. An average Connecticut homeowner pays property tax of more than $3,000 and his average car tax is $600.

The average household in Connecticut spends $3,301 compared to a national average of $2,089 in property taxes. Similarly the average vehicle tax in America is $423 while it is $630 in Connecticut.

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