Wallbox starts construction of high-tech EV charger manufacturing plant in Texas

Wallbox starts construction of high-tech EV charger manufacturing plant in Texas

Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems & energy management solutions, has announced that it has commenced the first phase of construction of its new manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas.

To be built at an estimated cost of $11 million, the manufacturing facility should be ready to start production before the end of 2022, most probably sometime in October. Initially, the facility will have an annual production capacity of more than 250,000 units. By year 2025, the company expects the facility to be able to produce as many as 500,000 units annually.

The new facility will start production with the “Wallbox Pulsar Plus” – the company’s most popular charging station to date. Available in 40-amp and 48-amp versions, the Pulsar Plus is a WiFi-connected smart EV charger.

More production lines will be added next year for the Quasar 2, Supernova, and the Hypernova. The Quasar 2 is a bi-directional DC charger that enables the vehicle to send back additional power back to home; while the Supernova DC fast charger can deliver up to 130kW power. The Hypernova is an ultrafast DC charger that can deliver power between 150kW and 350kW.

Douglas Alfaro, General Manager Wallbox North America, noted that demand for energy-friendly solutions in on the rise in the United States owing to the government’s ambitious targets to create robust EV infrastructure.

Announcing the new facility, Alfaro said, “With the U.S. undergoing a steady increase in demand toward energy-friendly solutions due to the government’s aggressive EV infrastructure targets, we are pleased to begin construction on our factory that will be at the forefront of serving this rapidly growing market.”

Demand for EV chargers has got a big boost over the past few years, thanks to government policies that encourage consumers to switch from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EVs. The U.S. government is offering attractive incentives and rebates on the purchase of new EVs as part of its bigger plan to cut carbon emissions.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Barcelona, Wallbox is pushing ahead with a mission to facilitate the mass adoption of EVs to ensure a sustainable use of energy. Dedicated to changing the way the world makes use of energy in the EVs, the European company is focused on creating smart charging systems. The blend of innovative technology with outstanding design allows the company’s charging solutions to send power from the grid to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the grid or home.