VMoto unveils cutting-edge electric duo: On-R and Off-R e-motorcycles

VMoto unveils cutting-edge electric duo: On-R and Off-R e-motorcycles

Strategically present in the vibrant automobile markets of China and Australia, VMoto is trying to revolutionize urban mobility through its iconic Super Soco brand. Setting a new standard for electric two-wheelers, the brand has introduced two cutting-edge battery-powered models that promise exhilarating rides like no other can.

VMoto's latest offerings are the On-R and Off-R e-motorcycles that aim to set the standard for cutting-edge electric mobility and herald a new era of emissions-free personal mobility solutions.

The evocative names of the tailor-made On-R and Off-R clearly suggests that the two new e-motorcycles have been designed and developed with a distinct purpose in mind: one for navigating on the asphalt roads and the other for venturing into the wild.

Both the On-R and Off-R models share a common foundation, ensuring seamless versatility. While the On-R e-motorcycle is there to handle light gravel roads and leisurely trails with absolute ease, the underlying architecture is robustly rooted like that of an efficient dirtbike, boasting an extended-travel suspension, strong wire-spoke wheels, and a sleek, streamlined design.

Both are being offered in two variants, viz. the L1 and L3. In the L1 configuration, the e-motorbikes promise a modest top speed of 28 miles per hour (45 km/h), while the L3 specification liberates the On-R e-motorbike to reach speeds of up to 56 miles per hour (96 km/h) and the Off-R to a thrilling to top seed of 69 miles per hour (110 km/h). Furthermore, the On-R embraces a nimble 30-degree head angle, while the Off-R boasts a more adventurous 18-degree angle, tailor-made for off-road escapades. Logically, the Off-R has rugged, knobby tires to conquer rough terrains.

In terms of performance, both e-motorbikes are propelled by a mid-drive electric motor capable of delivering a steady 5.3 hp (4 kWh) in nominal output, with a peak surge of 11 hp (8 kWh). Battery options include a 2.3-kWh unit or a more capacious 3.45-kWh. Charging time has been reported at 2.5 to 3.5 hours. When it comes to range, one can expect to travel up to 42 miles (68 km) with the smaller battery and 65 miles (104 km) with the larger battery.

Regarding their availability, VMoto has just unveiled the On-R and Off-R e-models in the fast-growing EV market of Italy, where one can acquire any of the two e-models for 6,990 Euros (approx. $7,500). Of course, pricing and availability can fluctuate depending on the buyer’s geographic location.

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