Veloretti introduces two stylish e-bike: Ivy Two & Ace Two

Veloretti introduces two stylish e-bike: Ivy Two & Ace Two

Veloretti, an upscale Dutch brand known for selling high-end bicycles and cycling accessories, has introduced two new personal electric mobility solutions: the stylish Ivy Two and Ace Two e-bikes.

Both the Ivy Two and Ace Two e-bikes come equipped with a silent Bafang mid-drive electric motor (e-motor) that produces a nominal power of 250 watts and 65 Newton-meters of torque. For power, the e-motor relies on a 36-volt, 594 watt-hour battery that is capable of storing enough energy to deliver a range of 60 to 120 km (approx. 38 to 75 miles) between two charges. For providing a seamless pedalling experience, the e-bike have been equipped with an Enviolo stepless transmission that promises silent as well as seamless gear changes.

The e-bikes boasts lights from Osram, which includes a set of turn signals and a brake light. Even better, the manufacturer has loaded the e-bikes with high-tech features so that their owners can synch them to their smartphones. Their intuitive safety features include alerts to emergency contacts in the event of an accident. This feature will be of a great help if the bike owner/rider happens to find him/herself stranded.

Its powerful 540-Wh long-range battery promises an impressive range of up to 120 km (roughly 74.5 miles) on a single charge. As it is removable, it can be easily detached and charged anywhere.

Describing the battery, Veloretti said, “Recharge anytime, anywhere. With a powerful 540-Wh and an impressive range of up to 120km, you'll have the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of power. And if you do need to recharge, our removable and smart battery pack can be easily detached and charged with any electrical outlet.”

The silent and powerful mid-motor promises all the power one needs for short as well as long distances. As the engine is directly connected to the pedals, it mechanically adjusts its power to the rider’s torque instead of speed of the bike, giving the most natural e-biking experience.

The Gates Carbon Belt drive has been described as a game-changing feature. Made from premium quality carbon, the belt boasts matchless durability as well as strength. As per the company’s claims, it requires no maintenance for up to 30,000 km (approx. 18,641 miles).

When it comes to pricing and availability, Veloretti is offering the environment-friendly stylish Ace Two and Ivy Two for €3,299 each. One can buy the e-bikes via the Dutch brand’s official website.

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