UT Poll shows most of Texans favor local control of Hydraulic Fracturing
UT Poll shows most of Texans favor local control of Hydraulic Fracturing

According to a recent poll conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, a number of Texans think cities should be able to block hydraulic fracturing even if it is permitted by state law.

Earlier this year, Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 40 to control oil and gas drilling. After the bill was passed, Denton became the first town in Texas to block hydraulic fracturing.

An activist who opposed drilling in Flower Mound, Tammy Vajda, said it is crime to take the authority away from cities to do gas drilling within their boundaries.

The poll also revealed that almost half of the respondents, 48%, know what hydraulic fracturing is in comparison to 44% a year ago. Amid that group, 43% are in favor while 41% oppose it.

The UT Energy Poll exposed major political divisions. Amid Democrats, 90% said climate change is occurring because of hydraulic fracturing, while 3% said nothing is changing. On the other hand, 59% of Republicans think that climate change is occurring in comparison to 47% six months ago, while 29% said nothing is changing.

UT Energy Poll Director Sheril Kirshenbaum said, "Political ideology continues to be the single greatest determinant of Americans' views on climate change. Party affiliation also colors other controversial energy topics, including efforts to reduce coal-fired power and levy a tax on carbon".

About 52% of those surveyed said they will vote a candidate who will favor reducing coal as an energy source, in comparison to 43% earlier this year, while 37% will vote a candidate that will favor carbon tax, in comparison to 29% six months ago.

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