Users still facing issues with Yahoo Mail

Users still facing issues with Yahoo MailAccording to several reports, a number of users of the revived Yahoo Mail are still facing problems in sending and/or receiving mail, accessing certain folders or even the entire service and outages.

Yahoo Mail had undergone a major redesign in October in order to compete better with rival, Gmail. However, the service was disrupted with technical failure soon after the redesign. The head of Yahoo Mail, Jeff Bonforte is facing criticism from the users and others due to the continuing issues with the service.

The mailing service is facing massive outage and numerous related problems since the November of the previous year. Various users have taken to the forums for feedback regarding the changes and related problems. Users have been complaining over issues relating to the accessibility of the mailing service. The continuing issues might be pushing users to other services including Gmail from Google and Hotmail from Microsoft.

Bonforte has said that the issues are mainly due to difficult "hardware problem" at one of Yahoo's mail data centers. It is bellied that even as CEO Marissa Mayer has worked to revive the company, around 100 million plus faithful Yahoo Mail users are expected to leave the company for other services.

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