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The USD ends mixed today after reaching critical S/R numbers after the open and ahead of the London fix. The BOC announced a 25 BP cut in interest rates lifting the USD/CAD sharply higher as stops over the 1.2400 area fired off topping the rate at 1.2509 before cooler heads prevailed. The rate fell back as late buyers were disappointed finding sell-stops in-range bringing the rate back under the 1.2400 handle eventually making a new low on the day at 1.2324; traders now feel the rate has completed a retracement against the recent weakness and with an inverted hammer formation on the daily charts more losses are likely.

USD/JPY continued to find strength as the US equities markets held gains on the day finding light stops above the 98.50 area for high prints late in the day at 98.87 as new buyers went with momentum as the rate approached the 200 day MA. Failure to close over the 200 day MA likely will disappoint buyers overnight and a lower day is likely as the bounce lacked enthusiasm. USD/CHF failed to extend gains on USD strength in other pairs and with the firm close in both GBP and EURO the Swissy is likely to advance into the end of the week; high prints at 1.1721 overnight went unchallenged in New York and the rate is holding the 1.1680 area making for a technical inside-range day; lows at 1.1635 missed stops said to be resting around the 1.1610/20 area. GBP rallied to clear close-in stops above the 1.4620 area likely set by late shorts for a high print at 1.4710 before offers capped the move.

Despite intraday volatility the rate ends New York firm around the 1.4660 area suggesting that the dip under the 100 day MA attracted short-covering and new buying. Traders note that more stops are likely building over the 1.4710 area from sellers suggesting another leg higher is coming. EURO failed to extend lows holding to an inside-range day as well; high prints at 1.2995 were marginal new highs after the fix but sellers capped the move ahead of offers said to be around the 1.300/20 area. A point of indecision in EURO likely means that upside pressure from other pairs will help keep EURO underpinned near-term. In my view, the failure of the USD to advance after today’s volatility suggests that the top is continuing to form and likely the Greenback will end this week marginally lower against most pairs.

I think the reversal in USD/CAD speaks highly to the underlying weakness of the USD and with better overseas fundamentals combined with potential liquidation by China of US denominated assets it will be difficult for USD traders to justify higher prices. Flight-to-Quality buying appears to be ending and when higher priced USD comes into the market the selling pressure will be enormous as traders attempt to protect against a slide in the USD. Look for the Greenback to remain two-way overnight but to remain under pressure. 

Today’s US Dollar Trading

• USD tries to extend gains and fails
• BOC cuts rates adding to whipsaw
• Traders note stops in range adding to downside for the USD

Overnight Preview

• Look for more two-way action
• USD likely to remain under pressure into New York open

Looking Ahead to Wednesday
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• 9:00am USD Treasury Sec Geithner Speaks
• 10:00am USD HPI m/m
• 10:30am USD Crude Oil Inventories

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