US now feels “seasoned” Sharif better bet for it than “ ineffective” Zardari

US now feels “seasoned” Sharif better bet for it than “ ineffective” ZardariNew York, Apr. 24: While Pakistan is facing an unprecedented threat from the Taliban, which is threatening to take over the reigns of the country, a worried lot of US political leaders are of the view that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would have performed much better than the current President Asif Ali Zardari in these testing circumstances.

A report in the Wall Street Journal stated that Zardari’s ineffectiveness in curbing the Taliban’s surge and lack of his political ability, has forced the US administration to look for other options in Pakistan.

According to the report, what may be seen as a drastic change in opinions, the US and European officials believe that Sharif’s longstanding association with the various religious parties of the country may provide a better opportunity for him to convince the general public of the immediate and important need to take the attack to the Taliban.

A senior US official told the newspaper that Sharif could be in a better position to deliver what the US wants in the current situation.

The change of heart of the United States, which has until now kept it self at bay from the right wing politics of the Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz chief, can be gauged from the recent series of visits of envoys at the leader’s residence in Raiwind, Lahore. (ANI)

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