US doubts Iranian of spying

US doubts Iranian of spyingAccording to US officials, the Iranian navy plane has come closer to a US aircraft carrier. The plane was flying at a distance as low as 300 feet from each other.

The Persian Gulf has completely become an army base. The Iranian army is busy in military exercise over there and the recent incident has crated tension between these two countries. US Army officials have said that its carrier aircraft named USS Eisenhower was come closer to the Iranian plane.

The aircraft was on duty in support of the Afghanistan war efforts and the mishap had taken place in that time. As per a senior U. S. military officer the US unit had tracked the Iranian navy plane for about 100 miles. But then it has just come closer to the aircraft for a possible crash.

The navy plane of Iran has been identified. It was F27 of Fokker series aircraft from the naval force. The time this accident has happened it was unarmed.

The United States military officials are apprehending that the Iranians are busy in such activities to find out some information of the US Army.