Urban''s alcohol problems took our marriage for a toss: Kidman

Urban''s alcohol problems took our marriage for a toss: KidmanSydney, Apr 19 : Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has admitted that her husband Keith Urban''s alcohol problems sent their fledgling union into a tailspin.

"We were thrown into his alcohol problems three months into the marriage and that was big," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the 41-year-old actress, as telling the Daily Mail newspaper.

The Australian beauty confessed that Urban had admitted his problem and spent time in rehabilitation, a step that made their relationship stronger.

"We became the closest we could become because we had to bare our souls. We did 10 years of marriage in just three months. When the addiction takes control of someone''s life, it''s terrifying. But there is hope, and we work on it every day," she said.

Kidman said that giving birth to Sunday Rose in her 40s has given her a greater sense of her own mortality.

"It''s bittersweet," she said.

"I want to be around to see Sunday Rose''s 21st birthday . . . My relationship with death used to be far more ambivalent . . . now it feels much more important for me to stay in the world," she added. (ANI)