Upgraded 2024 Zero DS & DSR Models promise elevated adventure

Upgraded 2024 Zero DS & DSR Models promise elevated adventure

Marking a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of electric motorcycle technology, American electric two-wheeler maker Zero Motorcycles Incorporated has introduced substantial enhancements to its DS and DSR models for the model year 2024. Zero Motorcycles previously maintained three separate frame and motor platforms, with the FX and FXE constructed on the brand’s smallest platform, followed by the middleweight S, DS, and DSR models; while the largest platform was employed for the SR, SR/F, SR/S, and DSR/X. Now, the company has eliminated the middle-tier, and unveiled fresh models to replace the previous Zero S and DS electric motorcycles.

The all-new Zero S, which is now based on the well-known trellis frame that was first introduced with the SR/F in 2019, now comes equipped with a 51-kW motor and 14.4-kWh battery pack that promises a mixed city/highway range of 101 miles (162 km) on a single charge. Similarly, the DS model now has the same frame and drivetrain, elevating the entry-level dual sport e-bike from Zero.

As per the company’s claims, both motorcycles are capable of hitting a top speed of 104 mph (approx. 167 km/h). The 2024 Zero S starts at $14,995, while the dual-sport Zero DS starts at $15,995. The higher-spec DSR utilizes the same frame but it also incorporates a bigger 60-kW motor and a higher-capacity 15.6-kWh battery pack.

It is also worth-noting here that the Zero FX and FXE are now the only electric motorcycles from the brand that comes equipped with the smaller 34-kW motor and frame platform. Both these models have 7.2-kWh battery packs capable of offering approx. 58 miles (roughly 93 km) of mixed city/highway riding. The top speed for these models has been reported at 85 mph (roughly 137 km/h). The 2024 FX and FXE models will be available with starting price tag of $12,495.

The brand’s flagship lineup for next year, which includes the SR/F, SR/S, and DSR/X, boasts top-of-the-line specifications. This lineup has the most powerful electric motor in the lineup, providing up to 84-kW of peak power for a top speed of 124 mph (roughly 200 km/h). These models also get the largest battery option, featuring a 17.3-kWh capacity that can deliver a range of up to 116 miles (186 km) on a single charge.

With more powerful electric motors and higher-capacity batteries, it is but natural for the upcoming electric motorcycles to bring about substantial increases in range, power, and torque.

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