Updated Piaggio 1 electric scooter boasts numerous performance improvements

Updated Piaggio 1 electric scooter boasts numerous performance improvements

Italian scooter specialist Piaggio recently took wraps off the 2023 Piaggio 1 -- the most updated variant of the e-scooter that entered the market in 2021. The Piaggio 1, which has been touted as the ultimate city commuter, has received quite positive feedback from consumers as well as EV experts in most of the European market.

Now, the Italian brand has stuffed the e-scooter (2023 model-year) with a number of updates to boost its performance by making it better than ever before. Enhanced performance of the electric two-wheeler significantly improves acceleration in stop & go traffic.

The latest variant of the e-scooter has better motor internals capable of delivering greater power. This enhancement makes commuting in urban areas even greater fun, without affecting the basic simplicity of the two-wheeler. Now, it has greater torque for faster acceleration and improved ability to climb steep slopes without any difficulty.

More precisely, the latest variant of the Piaggio electric two-wheeler boasts a power output of 2.2 kilowatts (3 hp), which makes it equivalent to a 50cc moped. This is a significant improvement as it is roughly double the output of its predecessor. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the e-scooter’s acceleration has been improved by around 14 per cent, and it leads to significant improvement in its performance capabilities, especially in stop & go traffic.

When it comes to the two-wheeler’s battery, it has received a removable power pack that has been seamlessly positioned beneath the seat. As the battery pack is removable, it can be quickly recharged both on and off the vehicle, giving riders flexibility and convenience.

While the solid frame of the e-scooter guarantees stability & longevity, its sleek bodywork boasts a sophisticated urban appearance. Additionally, the two-wheeler comes equipped with a range of useful amenities, such as a full-colour display, LED lighting, keyless start system, and an under-seat storage compartment that is large enough to accommodate a helmet. The aforementioned upgrades are enough to prove that the Italian manufacturer wants to leave no stone unturned to make the e-scooter better.

The Piaggio 1 is available in multiple options, including Arctic Mix, Sunshine Mix, and the new Flame Mix, and all of these options feature beautiful two-tone finishes.

When it comes to pricing, the updated Piaggio 1 e-scooter is available with a starting price tag of just 2,899 Euros (roughly US$3,171), providing a cost-effective way to cruise in style.

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