Univ sets assessment deadline

Taking strong note of delay in result declaration owing to unavailability of teachers for assessment, the Mumbai University has decided to take remedial measures. Accordingly, it has been decided that colleges must finish assessment of first and second-year degree college exams by March 30, declare results, and send the requisite "proofs" to the university.

"We cannot afford to have any laxity on the part of colleges and teachers. Every year, we keep running after them to send teachers for evaluation, this cannot go on," said AD Sawant, university pro-vice chancellor. "This is to ensure that teachers are not engaged in college exam work beyond this period and is available for the university's central assessment programme," said Sawant.

"If a college has genuine problems, then the date can be extended upto April 10," he added. A circular on it will soon be issued. Besides instructing colleges to appoint faculty, the university has asked them to send a list of appointed teachers and one on visiting faculty.

"Courses where colleges have to depend on visiting faculty, if need be they may have to rely on them for correction, provided the person is endorsed by principal and comes consistently to the college," said Sawant.

If colleges still fail to comply with rules, then the university will take action. "We may have to discontinue the course or we may not grant them expansion," he said.

Mihika Basu/ DNA-Daily News & Analysis Source: 3D Syndication